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Davec IT Solutions provide specialized solutions in the fibre optic, surveillance and IT markets. We specialize in design and implementation of IT Networks, Fibre Optic Networks, Security Surveillance and Access Control systems for Schools, Universities and Colleges, Residential Estates (including Fibre-to-the-home), shopping malls, office buildings and off-course your small business. We also offer online sales of IT, Surveilance, Access Control and peripherals. Feel free to have a look in our shop

IT networking has become essential in the operation of most industries. Whether you need a network for your small business or require a large scale network for your multi-floor and multi-building office, school, college or residential estate Davec IT Solutions can design and implement a custom solution suited to your needs. Services include:

  • Network design to your specific needs
  • Fibre Optic data links between distribution points and IT server room
  • CAT5/6 cable reticulation and Network termination points
  • Server supply and setup
  • Computer LAB implementation and upgrade
  • ADSL Router supply and setup
  • Network Switchgear
  • Wireless connectivity
  • E-mail hosting and Business Data plans
  • Website design and hosting
  • Printer / PC / Laptop .... supply and setup
  • User and Server backups, including off-site backup services

Davec IT Solutions can additionally provide management services for your network or provide infrastructure support to your IT personnel depending on your needs

Although Davec IT solutions designs a custom solution for your specific needs and will use the product and brand best suited for your solution. Below are some commonly used brands per category


Fibre Optics


Access Control

Business Associates


Company information and Contact Details

Davec IT solutions is based in Centurion, Gauteng. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or product query


082 857 4426